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Cloud computing is a concept of sharing resources like Hardware resources and software resources. The phrase Cloud Computing means "a type of Internet-based computing," where different services -- such as servers, storage and applications -- are delivered to an organization's computers and devices through the Internet.

IaaS | PaaS | SaaS
➀ Infrastructure as a Service is the provision of virtualized hardware hosting and telecommunications.
➁ Platform as a Service is the provision of a development tool kit in a virtualized environment on which software applications can be built.
➂ Software as a Service is the provision of software over the internet which includes all hardware hosting and telecommunications. It may or may not be a virtualized application.

CRM [Customer Relationship Management] is the aspects of interaction that a company has with its customers by means of service-related or sales related. CRM systems are used in the way to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads. CRM solutions provides business data, services or products that our customers want, provide better customer service, cross-sell and up sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and understand who the customer is. Many aspects of CRM relies heavily on technology; however the strategies and processes of a good CRM system will collect, manage and link information about the customer with the goal of letting you market and sell services effectively.

Internship Training are career specific, college students often choose internships based on their major at University. Students often see it as a way to develop their capabilities by practically applying the academic elements of their degree and as an opportunity to learn about the work environment.
Our Internship Training program attracts students from undergraduates across the globe, exposure to various aspects of Information Technology and business projects. The program offers endless opportunities to learn through live projects giving your career a head start.The program attracts students from across disciplines like technology, management and arts.
Future careers start today here @ CTCS

Web Hosting is the business of maintaining files for one or more Web sites. More important than the computer space that is provided for Web site files is the fast connection to the Internet.
We are providing 24x7 support Web Hosting Service to the universe. We are maintaining Raspberry PI web server. The advantages of using Raspberry PI is
✦ Lightweight web server
✦ Perfectly handles web traffic
✦ Grouping Raspberry PI is more cost-effective than a normal server
✦ Minimize an enterprise’s budget

A web application is much more than just a plain website. Web applications are stored on web servers, and use tools like databases, javaScript and PHP/ASP.Net to deliver experiences beyond the standard web page or web form. Web applications allow companies to deliver complex programs without a complicated roll-out schedule.
We are providing easy to use web applications through cloud systems for our clients and they are more happy with our cloud based web applications

More focus on

✔ Cloud computing
✔ Responsive web designs
✔ Web hosting
✔ Networking
✔ Business Automation
✔ Internship training
✔ Training course on PHP Web Development
✔ Retailing Laptop, Desktop & Hardware accessories

Cloud Based Management System

✿ Electricals and Electronics Retail Shops
✿ Petroleum Automation
✿ Mobile Shops plus Mobile Recharge Shops
✿ Shopping Malls
✿ Hotels and Restaurants
✿ Browsing Centres
✿ Travels
✿ Medicals
✿ Industrial specific applications
✿ User specific applications


Raspberry pi Web Server Demonstration

Our webserver Raspberry pi is a lightweight mini computer acts as a web server too that supports Raspberry pi os. We demonstrate to our trainees about initial installation of Raspberry pi as a web server


Web development & Web Hosting

CTCS offers world class Web designs to its customers, Web design include responsive and multi device support. Each design and development is unique with trend technologies.User specific application development is a special feature of CTCS.


Network Service Provider

CTCS provides Unlimited 2 Mbps bandwidth network service to the various clients using the Raspberry pi lightweight web server. Google offers email SMTP support to CTCS for its fast mailing operation.CTCS concentrating NaaS(Network as a Service) Cloud to its clients.